UEFA Offers Abu Dhabi Investors Divestment Options to Ensure Champions League Participation

The recent developments concerning the Abu Dhabi investors in Manchester City and Girona have raised concerns among UEFA officials regarding compliance with integrity rules for teams that share owners. The potential participation of both clubs in the upcoming Champions League season is at stake, leading to discussions about divestment options.

UEFA has set a deadline of June 3 for both clubs to propose a solution that aligns with the organization’s regulations. Failure to comply could result in one of the teams, most likely Girona, being demoted to the Europa League. The priority will be given to the team that finishes higher in their respective domestic league.

Potential Solutions

According to a UEFA document obtained by The Associated Press, City Football Group (CFG) has two main options to address the ownership issue. The first option involves selling shares to an independent third party to reduce ownership stakes below 30%. The second option is to transfer all shares in one club to a blind trust overseen by a panel appointed by UEFA.

Girona’s Remarkable Season

Girona’s impressive performance in LaLiga, guaranteed a top-four finish, has been supported by key players on loan or sold through Manchester City’s influence. This successful campaign has secured Girona’s entry into the Champions League for the first time, adding to the urgency of resolving the ownership conflict.

Manchester City’s Dominance

Meanwhile, Manchester City’s triumphant Champions League title win in 2023 and their strong position in the English Premier League further underline the need for prompt action to ensure their continued participation in top-tier European competitions.

CFG’s Global Influence

City Football Group, initially established by Abu Dhabi investors, has stakes in 13 clubs worldwide, including Manchester City and Girona. The extensive network of clubs under CFG’s ownership has sparked concerns about collusion in games and transfer dealings, prompting UEFA’s intervention.

The intricate web of relationships between clubs under CFG’s umbrella has posed challenges for UEFA, who are committed to maintaining the integrity of the sport. The potential for conflicts of interest and manipulation in competitions has necessitated a stricter approach towards multi-club ownership.

The ongoing dialogue between UEFA and the Abu Dhabi investors in Manchester City and Girona reflects the broader issue of multi-club ownership in modern football. The divestment options offered by UEFA signal a proactive effort to uphold fair competition and prevent undue influence on the outcomes of European club competitions. It remains to be seen how the stakeholders will navigate these challenges and ensure compliance with UEFA’s integrity rules.

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