The UEFA Charges Faced by Albania in European Championship

Albania is currently facing four UEFA charges over various incidents that occurred during their European Championship match against Italy. One of the charges involves a “provocative message” allegedly displayed by their fans, which UEFA deemed unfit for a sports event. Additionally, Albania is being charged for the throwing of objects, the use of fireworks, and an “invasion of the field of play.” These are serious charges that could result in significant consequences for the Albanian soccer federation.

Controversial Flags on Display

During the match, some Albanian fans displayed flags of the Kosovo Liberation Army, an ethnic Albanian separatist group that fought a war with Serbian forces in the late 1990s. This display is particularly controversial given the ongoing tensions between Kosovo and Serbia. Furthermore, a flag depicting a map of “Greater Albania” was also visible at the game, further adding to the provocative nature of the situation.

UEFA’s Response and Disciplinary Proceedings

These charges mark the first disciplinary matters announced by UEFA at Euro 2024, which began recently in Germany. The Control, Ethics, and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) will be responsible for deciding on the matter in the coming days. The Albanian soccer federation has stated that they plan to submit an official statement to the CEDB within the deadline set by UEFA. They have also emphasized that all necessary measures were taken to ensure the successful organization of the match, and that there were no major incidents that detracted from the positive atmosphere.

The charges faced by Albania over the incidents that occurred during their European Championship match against Italy are serious and could have significant repercussions. The display of a provocative message, along with other behaviors such as the throwing of objects and the invasion of the field of play, are not in line with the principles of fair play and sportsmanship. It is now up to UEFA’s CEDB to review the case and decide on the appropriate course of action.


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