The Truth Behind Frenkie de Jong’s Future at Barcelona

Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong has recently expressed his frustration with the ongoing rumors and “lies” being reported about his future at the club. Despite claims that he could potentially leave Barça this summer, De Jong, who has a contract until 2026, has vehemently denied these reports. In a news conference ahead of Barcelona’s Champions League game against Napoli, De Jong criticized the local media for spreading misinformation and false stories about him. He stated, “A lot of stuff that is not true has come out. I can’t understand it, people reporting lies. It’s irritating me a little.”

Despite the swirling rumors, Frenkie de Jong has made it clear that he is happy at Barcelona and considers the club to be the “club of his dreams.” He emphasized his contentment at Barça, stating, “I am really happy at Barça, I have always said it. This is the club of my dreams, I hope I can play here for many more years.” De Jong’s loyalty to Barcelona remains unwavering, despite the speculation surrounding his future.

De Jong’s frustrations with the media extend to their tendency to sensationalize stories and spread false information. He called out the media for fabricating stories about his contract details and salary, emphasizing that the reports are far from accurate. De Jong urged for a change in the way the media portrays players and coaches, stating, “[The media] are writing a lot of things that are not true. Why? Why are they inventing things?” The distortion of the truth by the media has only added to De Jong’s frustrations.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández, who has also been critical of the media this season, expressed his understanding of Frenkie de Jong’s frustrations. Xavi acknowledged the prevalence of false stories in the media and reiterated the importance of De Jong to the team. He described De Jong as a fundamental player for Barcelona and emphasized his happiness at the club. Xavi’s support of De Jong highlights the unity within the team amidst the external scrutiny and false reports.

Since joining Barcelona from Ajax in 2019, Frenkie de Jong has established himself as a key player for the club, making over 200 appearances. His impact on the team and his importance to the system have not gone unnoticed by Xavi and the rest of the Barcelona squad. Despite the off-field distractions caused by media speculation, De Jong remains committed to giving his best for Barcelona both on and off the pitch.

The ongoing rumors surrounding Frenkie de Jong’s future at Barcelona are based on misinformation and false reports. De Jong’s frustration with the media’s role in spreading lies has shed light on the need for more accurate and responsible reporting. As De Jong continues to excel on the field and demonstrate his loyalty to Barcelona, it is essential for the media to uphold journalistic integrity and refrain from sensationalizing stories for the sake of clicks and views.


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