The Strengths and Weaknesses of Germany’s Euro 2024 Squad

Germany’s recent Euro 2024 match against Switzerland shed some light on the team’s current strengths and weaknesses. While the late equalizer by Niclas Füllkrug showcased the presence of a Plan B for the team, questions still remain about their reliance on Plan A. With Füllkrug salvaging a draw for Germany, it became evident that substitutes can make a significant impact on the game. However, the overarching concern is whether the team can consistently perform at the level expected of them throughout the tournament.

Importance of Momentum

The importance of momentum in an international tournament cannot be understated. With the need to play multiple games in a short period, maintaining a positive trajectory is crucial for success. Füllkrug’s goal not only secured a point for Germany but also ensured that the team’s momentum remained intact. While it may have not been a perfect win, the draw against Switzerland allowed Germany to keep moving forward in the tournament.

Analyzing Germany’s performance against Switzerland revealed both strengths and weaknesses in their lineup. The team’s young stars, Jamal Musiala and Florian Wirtz, were unable to penetrate their opponents’ defense, highlighting a potential area of improvement. Additionally, the midfield duo of Toni Kroos and Ilkay Gündogan were overpowered by Switzerland’s Granit Xhaka and Remo Freuler, exposing a vulnerability in the core of Germany’s team.

Defensive Challenges

Defensively, Germany faced challenges in dealing with the pace and strength of Swiss forwards Breel Embolo and Dan Ndoye. The center-back pairing of Jonathan Tah and Antonio Rüdiger struggled to contain their opponents, leading to Ndoye scoring Switzerland’s first-half goal. Tah’s booking further complicates the defensive situation for Germany, raising concerns about the team’s ability to handle strong attacking threats in future matches.

Despite the shortcomings highlighted in the match against Switzerland, Germany’s ability to salvage a draw showcased their resilience and determination. The manner in which results are achieved can often instill more belief in a team than straightforward wins. However, it is essential for Julian Nagelsmann to address the weaknesses exposed by Switzerland and devise strategies to overcome them in the upcoming matches.

As Germany progresses further in the Euro 2024 tournament, it is crucial for the team to capitalize on their strengths while addressing their weaknesses. The performance against Switzerland served as a reality check, emphasizing the need for improvements in various areas of the squad. With strategic planning and effective utilization of player resources, Germany has the potential to navigate through the challenges ahead and establish themselves as strong contenders in the competition.


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