The Return of Toni Kroos: Germany’s Road to Euro 2024

The return of Toni Kroos to the German national team ahead of the 2024 European Championship was not an easy feat. According to Germany coach Julian Nagelsmann, it took a significant amount of persuasion to convince Kroos to come out of retirement. Kroos had expressed concerns about the future plans for the national team and was adamant about only returning if he believed they had a chance at winning. Nagelsmann had to lay out his vision for the team and answer numerous questions from the six-time Champions League winner before Kroos finally agreed to make his comeback. This highlights the level of commitment and dedication required to bring back a player of Kroos’ caliber.

As Germany prepares to face Scotland in their opening match, Nagelsmann is fully aware of the challenges posed by their opponents. Despite Scotland not being filled with world-class players, Nagelsmann acknowledges their agility, determination, and classic Scottish mentality that makes them dangerous. The pressure and tension surrounding the tournament’s opening game is something that Nagelsmann views as necessary, as it pushes the team to be fully prepared and focused. With the home advantage on their side, Germany is determined to secure a victory and set the tone for the rest of the tournament.

Germany’s illustrious history in major tournaments, having won four World Cups and three European Championship titles, puts them under immense pressure to perform at the highest level. Nagelsmann acknowledges that they will face more pressure than Scotland, who will look to capitalize on any mistakes made by the German side. The ability of Scotland to create chances, retain possession, and put pressure on the German defense means that Germany must stay focused and disciplined throughout the match. Nagelsmann’s emotional connection to the game, coming from a small village to leading Germany in a major tournament, adds another layer of significance to the opening game.

The Impact of Julian Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann’s influence on the German national team cannot be understated. His ability to instill clarity, calmness, and confidence in the players has been vital in preparing them for the challenges ahead. By discussing roles, expectations, and providing a sense of direction, Nagelsmann has created a cohesive unit that is ready to give their all on the pitch. This sense of unity and purpose is crucial for a team that has faced disappointment in recent tournaments and is looking to turn things around at Euro 2024.

Following their match against Scotland, Germany will have to navigate games against Hungary and Switzerland in their quest to reach the round of 16 and potentially lift the trophy on home soil. The momentum gained from a successful start to the tournament can be crucial in setting the tone for future games. The first match is pivotal in establishing confidence, rhythm, and a winning mentality that can carry the team forward throughout the competition. With Nagelsmann at the helm and a rejuvenated squad that includes the return of Toni Kroos, Germany is poised to make a strong statement at Euro 2024.


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