The Return of Atlético Madrid’s 1947 Crest: A Lesson in Listening to Fans

Atlético Madrid made headlines when they announced their decision to update the club’s emblem in 2017. The move was intended to give the crest a more modern look and feel, but it backfired spectacularly. The redesigned badge, with its changes to the bear’s direction, the thickness of the stripes, and the number of colors used, was met with widespread criticism from fans.

Backlash and Resistance

Nearly 78,000 out of the more than 138,000 club members voted to revert back to the original 1947 crest, showcasing just how much the fans disliked the new design. Some die-hard Atlético supporters even went as far as refusing to purchase any merchandise featuring the updated badge. This level of backlash clearly demonstrated the strong emotional connection that fans have with the club’s traditional symbols and history.

In a surprising turn of events, Atlético Madrid decided to heed the calls of their supporters and announced that they would be bringing back the beloved 1947 crest starting July 1. The club’s statement expressing gratitude towards the fans who voiced their desire for the original emblem’s return highlights the importance of listening to the fanbase and respecting their opinions. This move is a clear reminder that the fans are the lifeblood of any sports team, and their voices should not be ignored.

The saga of Atlético Madrid’s badge redesign serves as a valuable lesson for other sports clubs and organizations. It highlights the need to balance innovation with tradition and to always prioritize the sentiments of the fans. Ignoring the preferences and attachment that supporters have towards the club’s symbols and history can lead to backlash and disengagement.

The story of Atlético Madrid’s crest redesign and subsequent return to the original emblem is a powerful reminder of the importance of fan engagement and loyalty in the world of sports. It showcases how listening to the voices of the supporters can make a significant impact and strengthen the bond between the club and its fanbase. Atlético’s decision to revert to the 1947 crest is a testament to their commitment to honoring tradition and valuing the opinions of their fans above all else.

Atletico Madrid

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