The Pursuit of Kylian Mbappé: Arsenal’s Quest for the Best

Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager, has voiced his belief that Arsenal should aim to attract the world’s top talent, including players like Kylian Mbappé. However, Arteta also acknowledged the likelihood of Mbappé joining Real Madrid in the future. Despite the speculation surrounding Mbappé’s potential move, Arteta emphasized the importance of considering players of Mbappé’s caliber in Arsenal’s recruitment strategy. He highlighted the necessity of recruiting top talent to elevate the team’s performance and status in the footballing world.

Arsenal’s financial situation, particularly due to Financial Fair Play rules, presents a challenge in pursuing a player of Mbappé’s financial stature. While a transfer fee might not be required for Mbappé, his astronomical wage demands could destabilize Arsenal’s current wage structure. With Mbappé reportedly earning over €650,000 per week, any potential deal would necessitate a significant financial commitment from the club. This poses a dilemma for Arsenal, whose highest earner, Bukayo Saka, receives around £300,000 per week.

Despite the financial constraints and competitive challenges, Arteta asserted that Arsenal’s reputation and history as a club have always been attractive to elite players. The allure of playing for Arsenal is evident in the discussions held with potential signings, as players reportedly exhibit enthusiasm and admiration for the club’s legacy and achievements. Arteta emphasized that Arsenal’s rich history and standing in the footballing world make it an appealing destination for top talents.

Arsenal’s pursuit of Mbappé is not a new endeavor, as the club made efforts to lure him to North London during Arsene Wenger’s tenure. Wenger, a highly respected figure in French football, met with Mbappé in 2016 when the young talent was undecided about his future at AS Monaco. Despite Arsenal’s €100m bid being rejected in 2017, Mbappé ultimately chose to join Paris Saint-Germain. Mbappé acknowledged Wenger’s influence and reputation but indicated that PSG was his preferred choice at the time.

Arsenal’s pursuit of elite players like Kylian Mbappé reflects the club’s ambition to compete at the highest level and enhance its squad with top talent. While financial considerations and competitive challenges may pose obstacles, Arteta remains optimistic about Arsenal’s ability to attract top players based on the club’s rich history and standing in the footballing world. The quest for Mbappé symbolizes Arsenal’s determination to strengthen its roster and elevate its performance on the global stage.


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