The Potential Takeover of Everton by AS Roma Owners: Analyzing the Impact

AS Roma owners, the Friedkin Group, have entered into exclusive talks to acquire Everton, a Premier League club that has been facing financial struggles. This potential acquisition comes after a previous agreement with prospective owner 777 Partners fell through. The Friedkin Group, based in the United States and already majority owners of Italian Serie A club Roma, are said to be in discussions to acquire a majority shareholding in Everton. This move could potentially bring stability and financial backing to a club that has faced challenges in recent years.

Last year, Miami-based investment fund 777 Partners had signed an agreement with British-Iranian billionaire Moshiri to acquire his 94.1% stake in Everton. However, the deal ultimately fell apart, leading to the search for new potential investors. Moshiri, who first bought a stake in Everton in 2016 and increased it to 94.1% by 2022, was looking for a solution to the club’s financial woes. The failed takeover by 777 Partners left Everton in a precarious position, prompting the search for a new ownership group to step in and provide much-needed support.

Despite their history as a top-tier Premier League club, Everton faced financial difficulties that led to points deductions during the 2023-24 season. The club was penalized twice for breaching the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR), which resulted in a total deduction of eight points. Everton’s struggles on and off the field raised concerns about their future in the league, prompting the need for new ownership to stabilize the club’s finances and management.

If the acquisition by the Friedkin Group goes through, Everton could see a new era of financial stability and growth. As experienced owners of AS Roma, the Friedkin Group has the potential to revitalize Everton and bring success back to the club. With proper investment and strategic planning, Everton could regain its competitive edge in the Premier League and challenge for top positions once again. The potential takeover offers hope for Everton fans and stakeholders who have been eagerly awaiting a positive change in the club’s fortunes.

The exclusive talks between the Friedkin Group and Everton represent a significant development for the Premier League club. With the potential acquisition on the horizon, Everton could be on the brink of a new chapter under new ownership. The impact of this takeover could reshape the future of the club and set them on a path towards success and sustainability. It remains to be seen how the negotiations will unfold, but the potential benefits of this move are promising for Everton and their supporters.

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