The Physical Toll on Kylian Mbappé During Euro 2024

France star and captain Kylian Mbappé faced a challenging moment during the Euro 2024 quarterfinal against Portugal. Mbappé admitted that he requested to be substituted before the start of the second period of extra time due to feeling exhausted. This comes as a surprise to many, as Mbappé is usually known for his exceptional physical endurance and agility on the field.

Throughout the Euro 2024 tournament, Mbappé has not been able to perform at his usual high standard. While he managed to score one goal from a penalty kick against Poland, he struggled to convert other opportunities. Additionally, the discomfort caused by a broken nose in the first game seemed to have affected his overall gameplay. During the quarterfinal against Portugal, Mbappé appeared to be in pain after taking a hit to the face, leading him to momentarily remove his protective mask.

Coach’s Response

France coach Didier Deschamps acknowledged Mbappé’s request to be substituted, citing that the player was honest about feeling fatigued and unable to accelerate as needed on the field. Deschamps recognized that Mbappé was not in peak physical condition and made the decision to bring in fresh legs to replace him. Despite the disappointment of missing the shootout, Mbappé’s teammates stepped up and delivered a flawless performance by scoring five penalties to secure the win over Portugal.

Mbappé expressed his commitment to the team’s success, emphasizing the importance of pushing beyond personal physical limitations for the greater good of the team. Despite only scoring one goal in the tournament, Mbappé remained focused on the ultimate goal of winning matches and progressing to the next stage. The victory over Portugal marked a significant moment for Mbappé and France, especially considering their recent setbacks in shootouts at major tournaments.

With a semifinal match against Spain on the horizon, Mbappé and the French team are determined to continue their winning streak and secure a third European Championship title. Coach Deschamps highlighted the team’s defensive strength as a key factor in their success, especially when goals are hard to come by. However, the team also recognizes the need to improve their offensive performance in order to score more goals and maintain their winning momentum.

Kylian Mbappé’s struggles with fatigue and physical discomfort during the Euro 2024 tournament serve as a reminder of the demanding nature of professional football. Despite facing obstacles, Mbappé remains committed to his team’s success and is determined to overcome challenges to achieve victory on the field.


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