The Miami Struggle: A Deep Dive into Inter Miami’s Lack of Consistency

Inter Miami’s recent match against Atlanta United left much to be desired, with the team failing to live up to expectations despite having star players like Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, and Sergio Busquets in the starting lineup. The underwhelming performance saw the Miami supporters leaving the stadium early, as the team struggled to create any meaningful offensive opportunities. With only seven shots in the second half and an average expected goals (xG) of just 0.64 over 90 minutes, it was evident that the team lacked cohesion and energy. Both Suárez and Messi failed to reach their usual standards, with xG values of 0.26 and 0.18 respectively.

Miami, despite scoring 19 goals in five MLS games earlier in the season, appeared lifeless and disjointed in their recent matches. The lack of offensive output has been a recurring theme for the team, as they managed to score only four goals in their last five games. This inconsistency was highlighted in a narrow 1-0 win over D.C. United, where Miami labored to break down the opponent’s defense and relied on a late goal to secure the victory. Even in their dominating 3-1 win against the same D.C. United earlier in the season, Miami’s offensive prowess was on full display, with 17 shots and 51% possession showcasing a strong and well-connected attack.

Miami’s performances in 2024 have been a mixed bag, with varying results against the same opponents. The team’s impressive 5-0 victory over Orlando City was followed by a disappointing 0-0 draw just two months later. This inconsistency extends to their overall standing in the Eastern Conference table, where they currently lead but have struggled to maintain momentum in key matches. The upcoming playoff format, which includes a best-of-three series in the first round, poses a significant challenge for Miami, given their historical struggles with load management and midweek matches.

Gerardo Martino, Inter Miami’s coach, emphasized the importance of consistency in MLS, especially when it comes to the playoff format. The team’s performance throughout the regular season and into the playoffs will be crucial in determining their success. The example of St. Louis City in 2023, who finished first in the Western Conference table but crashed out in the first round of the playoffs, serves as a cautionary tale for Miami. To make a serious run at the MLS Cup, Miami must focus on maintaining momentum, versatility, and consistency across all matches.

Inter Miami’s struggles with consistency and offensive efficiency have been apparent in recent matches. Despite having star players like Messi and Suárez, the team has failed to deliver consistent performances and results. With the playoffs looming and challenges on the horizon, Miami must address these issues and focus on improving their overall performance to have a shot at MLS Cup success. Only time will tell if they can rise to the occasion and overcome their current setbacks.

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