The Impact of Real Madrid TV’s Alleged Campaign on Referees

Sevilla recently lodged a complaint with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) accusing Real Madrid TV of engaging in a “campaign of persecution and harassment” against the referees set to officiate the upcoming LaLiga match between the two clubs. The complaint outlined how Real Madrid’s official television channel has been broadcasting criticism of referee and VAR decisions both before and after matches, which has led to allegations that they are trying to influence officials.

In their statement, Sevilla mentioned their formal report to the RFEF Competition Committee, expressing worries about the impact of these actions on the integrity of the competition. The club emphasized their condemnation of such campaigns that aim to undermine the image of the refereeing body and cause harm to Spanish football as a whole. The club is seeking clarification on whether these actions violate competition rules or any other regulations.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta and coach Xavi Hernández have joined the chorus of disapproval against Real Madrid TV’s behavior. Laporta labeled the videos critiquing referees as “shameful” and urged the RFEF to intervene in the situation. Xavi Hernández expressed concerns about the influence of such videos on the competition, emphasizing the detrimental effect they can have week after week. Luis Media Cantalejo, the head of Spain’s refereeing body CTA, echoed similar sentiments, accusing Real Madrid TV of exerting undue pressure on referees.

There is a general consensus among key figures in Spanish football that the actions of Real Madrid TV are unprecedented and detrimental to the sport. Luis Media Cantalejo highlighted the negative impact this campaign could have not only on refereeing but also on the overall image of Spanish football. The use of an official club television channel to pressure referees and influence decisions before matches is seen as highly inappropriate and unfair.

The ongoing controversy involving Real Madrid TV’s alleged campaign against referees raises important questions about fair play and sportsmanship in football. The actions of the club’s television channel have sparked widespread condemnation and calls for intervention from regulatory bodies. It is essential for such behavior to be addressed promptly to safeguard the integrity and reputation of the game. All parties involved, including clubs, broadcasters, and football authorities, must work together to uphold the spirit of fair competition and respect for the officiating staff.


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