The Future of England Manager Gareth Southgate: FA’s Succession Plan in Place

As the English Football Association (FA) chief executive Mark Bullingham emphasized, the FA has a succession plan in place should manager Gareth Southgate decide to step down this summer. Southgate’s contract is set to expire in December, and although the FA wants him to continue through to the 2026 World Cup, the decision ultimately lies with the England boss himself. The 53-year-old recently hinted at the uncertainty regarding his future in an interview with German newspaper Bild, suggesting that his tenure may come to an end if England fail to win Euro 2024.

Despite rumors swirling about a possible move to Manchester United, Bullingham stated that there have been no discussions with any candidates for the England manager position. While reports linked Southgate to the Premier League club as a potential successor to Erik ten Hag, United decided to retain the Dutchman for the upcoming season. Bullingham reiterated that the focus remains on the current European Championships, and any decisions regarding the manager’s future will be postponed until after the tournament.

Bullingham praised Southgate for his exceptional leadership and contributions to the England national team. He commended Southgate for transforming the team’s fortunes both on and off the pitch since taking over from Sam Allardyce in 2016. He highlighted Southgate’s success rate in knockout games post-1966, illustrating the manager’s impact on the team’s performance. Bullingham expressed his admiration for Southgate and emphasized the importance of respecting the manager’s wishes to discuss his future at a later date.

Southgate has embraced the high expectations surrounding England’s Euro campaign, following their recent successes in major tournaments. Despite the pressure to deliver results, Bullingham refrained from setting arbitrary benchmarks for Southgate’s performance. He acknowledged that success in football can be influenced by numerous factors beyond a manager’s control, such as red cards or unfavorable outcomes. Bullingham emphasized the need to evaluate the team’s overall performance after the tournament, rather than imposing strict criteria for success.

The FA’s preparedness for a potential managerial transition reflects their commitment to continuity and stability within the England national team. While Southgate’s future remains uncertain, the FA stands ready to navigate any changes and ensure a smooth transition if the England boss decides to move on. The upcoming Euro tournament will serve as a crucial juncture in determining Southgate’s legacy and the team’s future direction. Supporters and pundits alike will be watching closely as England navigates through the tournament, with the FA’s succession plan poised to guide the team through any potential changes in leadership.


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