The Emotional Farewell: Casemiro’s Departure from Real Madrid

Casemiro, the Brazilian midfielder, shocked the football world when he left Real Madrid for Manchester United in August 2022. However, what truly caught everyone off guard was the emotional reaction from Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti. In an interview with El Chiringuito de Jugones, Casemiro revealed that Ancelotti was in tears upon learning of his decision. This emotional display truly showcases the deep bond and admiration that Ancelotti had for the player.

Amidst the excitement of his transfer to Manchester United, Casemiro experienced a moment of doubt that was both unexpected and touching. He recounted a Friday afternoon when the deal was almost final, and he went to speak with Ancelotti. Upon seeing the coach’s tears, Casemiro was struck by the realization of how much he meant to the club and its people. Despite the emotional plea from Ancelotti, Casemiro stayed true to his word and completed the move to United.

Casemiro’s departure from Real Madrid marked the end of a successful nine-year stint at the Bernabéu, during which he won numerous titles, including three LaLiga trophies, five Champions Leagues, and a Copa del Rey. While some may have questioned his decision to leave such a successful team, Casemiro expressed no regrets. He explained that he had accomplished everything he could with Madrid and was seeking new challenges and experiences.

Despite the emotional toll of leaving Real Madrid, Casemiro was determined to embark on a new chapter in his career. At the age of 32, he believed that he still had much to offer and was eager to learn a new language, compete in a different league, and grow as a player in a fresh environment. His decision to join Manchester United was driven by a desire for personal and professional growth, rather than any dissatisfaction with his former club.

Casemiro’s departure from Real Madrid was not just a transfer of players, but a poignant moment that revealed the deep connections and emotions that can exist in the world of football. Ancelotti’s tears, Casemiro’s moment of doubt, and the legacy he left behind all contribute to a narrative of personal growth, courage, and the pursuit of new horizons in sports. As he embarks on a new journey with Manchester United, Casemiro’s decision serves as a reminder that sometimes, in order to grow, one must be willing to leave behind the familiar and embrace the unknown.


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