The Chaos of Security Checks: Female Sports Fans Subjected to Abusive Searches

The director of Her Game Too France, Anoush Morel, has brought attention to the disturbing treatment that female Paris Saint-Germain supporters faced during a Champions League match at Barcelona’s stadium. Reports of invasive and abusive searches conducted by security personnel have sparked outrage among fans and advocacy groups alike.

According to Morel, women entering the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium were subjected to extensive pat-downs that involved touching their breasts, buttocks, and groin areas. These searches were reportedly aggressive and caused discomfort and humiliation among the female supporters. Such violations raise serious concerns about the treatment of women in sports venues.

In response to these incidents, Her Game Too France issued a letter condemning the practice and urging the “relevant authorities” to address the issue. The organization highlighted the unacceptable nature of targeting spectators, fans, and women specifically with intrusive and degrading searches. The call for action emphasizes the need for improved security protocols to prevent such unfair treatment.

The issue of abusive security checks is not limited to the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium. Similar complaints have been reported at other stadiums across Europe, particularly affecting visiting fans. The letter from Her Game Too France calls on teams, game organizers, and stadiums to prioritize the safety and dignity of supporters by ensuring that security measures are conducted respectfully and fairly.

The organization also calls on UEFA to investigate the matter and provide clarity on whether visiting fans are being disproportionately subjected to aggressive searches. The objective is to hold authorities accountable for ensuring the protection and well-being of all individuals attending sporting events. It is crucial for UEFA to address these concerns promptly and take appropriate measures to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

The troubling treatment of female sports fans at the Barcelona stadium adds to the recent incidents of misconduct in the Champions League. Earlier, Barcelona faced a fine of €25,000 for instances of Nazi salutes and racist gestures by fans during a match at Parc des Princes. These incidents highlight the ongoing challenges of promoting inclusivity and respect in the world of sports.

The mistreatment of female sports fans during security checks is a serious issue that requires immediate attention and action from authorities, organizations, and stakeholders. The violation of individuals’ rights and dignity must not be tolerated, and steps must be taken to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all spectators.


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