The Business Ventures of John Textor in the Football World

American businessman John Textor recently announced his plans to sell his 45% stake in Crystal Palace, which he owns through his company Eagle Football Holdings. Textor, who also holds majority stakes in Lyon, Botafogo, and RWD Molenbeek, has enlisted the Raine Group to help find a buyer for his shares in the club. Despite his pride in being part of Crystal Palace’s resurgence, Textor believes that his integrated sporting model at Eagle may not align perfectly with the independent operation of the club.

In addition to selling his stake in Crystal Palace, Textor expressed an interest in investing in Premier League rivals Everton. Miami-based 777 Partners had previously reached an agreement to acquire a majority stake in the club, subject to approval from English soccer authorities. However, the deal has been delayed, raising questions about the group’s suitability as a club owner. Textor revealed that he has been in discussions with various stakeholders regarding a potential investment in Everton but remains cautious about entering a situation where he may not be welcomed.

The prospective sale of Crystal Palace and the potential investment in Everton face several challenges. The $600 million fraud lawsuit against 777 Partners in a New York federal court and the grounding of its Australian airline have cast doubts on the group’s ability to pass the Premier League’s owners and directors test. This has complicated Textor’s plans, as Eagle Football Holdings is prohibited from purchasing another Premier League club without first divesting its stake in Palace.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the sale of his stake in Crystal Palace and the potential investment in Everton, John Textor remains optimistic about the future of his football ventures. He acknowledges the strong leadership at Crystal Palace under Coach Oliver Glasner, who has led the team to an impressive 10th place in the Premier League this season. Textor is confident that there will be interested partners stepping in to continue the club’s success in the future. Meanwhile, his interest in Everton reflects his desire to remain involved in the Premier League and contribute to the growth and development of another prestigious football club.

John Textor’s business ventures in the football world demonstrate his passion for the sport and his commitment to driving success at both Crystal Palace and potentially Everton. While facing challenges and uncertainties, Textor’s strategic approach and willingness to adapt to the changing landscape of football ownership position him as a key player in the industry. As he navigates the complexities of selling his stake in one club and potentially investing in another, Textor’s dedication to the sport and his drive to make a meaningful impact are evident.


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