The Apathy Towards Euro 2024 in Germany

The upcoming Euro 2024 tournament, which is set to be hosted by Germany, is considered the biggest sports event in the country in almost two decades. However, recent polls conducted for public broadcaster ARD have revealed that more than one in four Germans have no interest in the tournament. This lack of enthusiasm is surprising, especially considering the success and overwhelming support experienced during the 2006 World Cup, also known as “the summer fairy tale.”

Apart from the lack of interest, Germans have also expressed concerns over the security measures during the upcoming tournament. A significant 42% of the population is either concerned or very concerned about security, with worries ranging from potential threats posed by Islamic extremist groups, hooligans, violent individuals, to cyber-attacks. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has assured the public that Germany is ramping up security efforts to ensure the safety of the event, especially with an expected attendance of 2.7 million people in stadiums and 12 million in fan zones across the country.

Recent Performance of the Germany National Team

The lack of interest in the Euro 2024 tournament could also be attributed to the recent underwhelming performance of the Germany national team in international competitions. Despite being three-time European champions and four-time World Cup winners, the team has failed to make a significant impact in the past decade. The team’s early exits in the group stages of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups have left fans disappointed. However, there have been signs of improvement since the appointment of new coach Julian Nagelsmann in October. The team has shown promise with two wins and a draw in their recent friendly internationals, instilling hope for a better performance in the upcoming tournament.

The lack of interest and concerns over security surrounding the Euro 2024 tournament in Germany are issues that need to be addressed. The apathy towards the event, coupled with worries about safety, may impact the overall success and enjoyment of the tournament. It is crucial for organisers to engage with the population and address security measures adequately to ensure a successful and memorable sporting event for all involved.


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