Real Madrid Denies Rumors of Rejecting Participation in FIFA Club World Cup

Real Madrid has recently been at the center of speculation regarding their participation in FIFA’s newly expanded Club World Cup tournament. Coach Carlo Ancelotti’s interview with the Italian newspaper Il Giornale seemed to suggest that Madrid would “refuse the invitation” to take part in the 32-team competition scheduled for June and July 2025 in the United States. However, Madrid has since denied these claims in a club statement, asserting that their participation in the tournament has never been questioned.

Following the controversy stirred by his initial comments, Carlo Ancelotti took to social media to clarify his position. He stated that his words were not interpreted in the way he intended and emphasized that he is not against the idea of playing in the FIFA Club World Cup. Ancelotti expressed that he sees the tournament as a great opportunity to continue competing for significant honors with Real Madrid, contrary to the earlier impression created by his statements.

The revamped FIFA Club World Cup is set to feature 32 teams from various regions, including Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. The competition, which has already allocated 29 of the 32 spots, will showcase teams that have qualified through winning their continental club competitions or based on past performances. Real Madrid secured their place in the tournament by winning the 2022 and 2024 Champions Leagues, affirming their commitment to participating in the event.

Real Madrid’s swift response to the reports of their potential refusal to join the Club World Cup emphasized their enthusiasm for the competition. The club asserted that they are looking forward to competing in the tournament with pride and excitement, aiming to inspire their millions of fans worldwide by pursuing a new trophy. Madrid reiterated their firm intention to take part in the official competition as planned.

Although the FIFA Club World Cup’s new format has garnered attention and anticipation from fans and stakeholders, it has also faced criticism from domestic leagues and players’ unions. Concerns have been raised about the workload on players and the impact of the tournament on their schedules. FIFA president Gianni Infantino addressed these concerns by highlighting that the organization is responsible for only a small percentage of games played by the top clubs and national teams worldwide.

The recent speculation surrounding Real Madrid’s participation in the FIFA Club World Cup has been put to rest with the club’s denial of the claims. Carlo Ancelotti’s clarification further reaffirmed their commitment to competing in the tournament and striving for yet another significant achievement. As the event draws closer, all eyes will be on Madrid as they aim to showcase their talent and pursue glory on the global stage.

FIFA Club World Cup

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