Palmeiras Making a Last Push to Keep Endrick Beyond Summer

Recent sources have revealed that Palmeiras is making a final effort to persuade Real Madrid to allow Endrick to stay with them until the end of 2024. Despite this, both the player and the Spanish club are in favor of him moving this summer. Endrick, who is currently 17 years old, was signed by Madrid in December 2022 and is set to join the team in Spain once he turns 18 in July.

Palmeiras president, Leila Pereira, has reached out to the player’s representatives to discuss the possibility of Endrick remaining in Brazil until December. With Madrid’s chief scout, Juni Calafat, visiting Brazil this week, Pereira hopes to capitalize on this opportunity to change the existing plans. Despite knowing the challenges involved, Palmeiras is not giving up on their desire to keep Endrick for a longer period. Pereira plans to engage in discussions with Calafat and is counting on Real Madrid’s remaining installment payments for leverage during negotiations.

However, Endrick’s preference remains joining Madrid for the pre-season this summer. Real Madrid is eager to have the young talent available for their upcoming tour of the United States, according to sources familiar with the matter. Endrick, a full Brazil international, showcased his skills by scoring 11 goals in 31 appearances for Palmeiras during Brazil’s 2023 Serie A championship. His first club goal of 2024 came in a match against Corinthians in the Campeonato Paulista on Feb. 18.

When questioned about Endrick’s future, Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti expressed his intention to include the young player in the first-team squad upon his arrival. Ancelotti emphasized the importance of focusing on the present and tomorrow’s game rather than speculating about the future.

While Palmeiras is making a strong effort to retain Endrick, the player’s desire to move to Real Madrid this summer seems to be unwavering. The negotiations between the clubs and the player’s representatives will play a crucial role in determining Endrick’s immediate future. Regardless of the outcome, Endrick’s talent and potential make him a valuable asset for both Palmeiras and Real Madrid.

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