New Exclusive Partnership between English Premier League and Fanatics Collectibles

Recently, the English Premier League and Fanatics announced an exclusive partnership, where Fanatics Collectibles will become the sole provider of EPL trading cards, trading card games, and stickers starting in June 2025. The announcement was met with excitement, with promises of innovation and a commitment to providing fans around the world with high-quality collectibles.

The financial details of the agreement were not disclosed, but both parties expressed enthusiasm about the potential of this partnership. Fanatics, known for its track record of success and innovation in the sports collectibles industry, saw the Premier League as an underutilized property that presented a significant opportunity. By focusing on global distribution, business-to-business partnerships, and working with UK-based hobby shops, Fanatics aims to expand the reach of EPL trading cards and stickers beyond borders.

Historical Context of Collectibles in Soccer

Throughout the years, stickers and trading cards have played a significant role in soccer fandom. Companies like Panini have been producing collectibles for major tournaments like the World Cup and Euros since the 1970s, becoming a staple in the lives of soccer fans. With this new partnership, Fanatics aims to bring a fresh perspective to the world of EPL collectibles, building on the legacy established by past producers like Panini and Topps.

Evolution of Trading Cards in Europe

While trading cards have been a popular hobby for collectors in North America, stickers have dominated the European market for decades. The rise of trading card games and the renewed focus on trading cards in Europe signal a shift in the collectibles industry. With the backing of Fanatics, the EPL is poised to capitalize on this trend and reach a wider audience of collectors both in Europe and beyond.

The recent acquisition of Topps by Fanatics for $500 million in January 2022 marked a significant moment in the collectibles industry. By securing deals with prominent sports organizations like UEFA, NBA, NFL, and MLB, Fanatics has positioned itself as a major player in the market. The addition of the English Premier League to its portfolio further solidifies Fanatics’ position as a leader in sports collectibles.

As the official sticker and trading card licensee of the Premier League, Fanatics has a unique opportunity to shape the future of collectibles in soccer. With a focus on innovation, global distribution, and building strong partnerships within the industry, Fanatics aims to revolutionize the way fans interact with their favorite teams and players. The success of this partnership will not only benefit collectors but also contribute to the continued growth of the sports collectibles market worldwide.

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