MLS Power Rankings Review and Analysis

The Columbus Crew had an impressive start to the season with a strong defensive performance against Atlanta. If their defense can match their attacking prowess, they will be a force to reckon with in the league.

Los Angeles FC had a mixed performance, with goalkeeper Pedro Gallese saving the day with heroics in goal. However, they missed out on a win that should have been theirs. They will need to work on converting opportunities into goals.

The Philadelphia Union’s challenge to VAR and controversial disallowed goals led to a feeling of missed opportunities in their match against Chicago. They will need to regroup and focus on turning those near misses into victories.

The New York Red Bulls showed promise with multiple shots hitting the post in their match against Nashville. They need to work on getting their forwards closer to goal to convert those chances into goals.

Orlando City had a strange match with a mix of good and bad moments. Despite a solid showing, they missed out on a win that could have been theirs. They will need to work on consistency in their performances.

D.C. United’s win over New England was marred by a red card, which didn’t give the full picture of their performance. However, their effective gameplay of setting up Christian Benteke with alley-oops was a highlight of the match.

The Seattle Sounders had a tough start to the season with a loss in LA. However, the performance of Pedro de la Vega gave them hope for the future. They will need to work on minimizing the absence of key players in upcoming matches.

The Houston Dynamo managed to secure a point in a tough start to the season. Gabriel Segal’s debut goal was a positive highlight, and they will need to build on this momentum moving forward.

Overall, the start of the MLS season has seen a mix of impressive performances, missed opportunities, and promising debuts. As the teams settle into the season, it will be interesting to see how they adjust and strive for success in the league.

Atlanta United FC

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