MLS On Track For Record Attendance Numbers in 2024

Major League Soccer has announced that it is well on its way to achieving record attendance numbers in 2024. At the halfway mark of the 2024 regular season, the league has seen an average of 23,246 fans per game, representing a 7% increase from this time last year. This positive trend is expected to result in a 5.1% increase in average attendance by the end of the season, surpassing the previous record of 22,111 fans per game.

One of the key drivers behind the increase in attendance numbers is the presence of soccer superstar Lionel Messi with Inter Miami CF. The addition of Messi to the team has significantly boosted fan interest and has attracted new spectators to the matches. Inter Miami CF has experienced a substantial 26.6% increase in average home attendance compared to the previous year, highlighting the impact of star power on drawing crowds.

In addition to Inter Miami CF, several other MLS teams have seen double-digit increases in average attendance year-over-year. CF Montréal, the Chicago Fire, the LA Galaxy, the New England Revolution, the New York Red Bulls, Orlando City, Sporting Kansas City, and the Vancouver Whitecaps are among the teams that have experienced growth in attendance. Notably, six of these teams have hosted matches against Inter Miami CF, indicating the draw of high-profile matchups in driving fan turnout.

The statistics reveal a positive trend in fan engagement across the league, with 25 out of 29 teams experiencing an increase or maintaining their attendance levels compared to the same time last year. The total number of fans attending MLS matches in 2024 has already surpassed 6.5 million, with an additional 725,000 fans compared to the previous year. Moreover, fifteen matches have seen attendance figures exceeding 40,000, marking a milestone in league history for fan turnout.

Major League Soccer’s 2024 season is shaping up to be a record-breaking year in terms of attendance figures. The influence of star players like Lionel Messi, coupled with exciting matchups and increased fan engagement, has contributed to the league’s success in attracting larger crowds to live matches. With the continued momentum and support from fans, MLS is poised for further growth and success in the seasons to come.

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