Marco Reus to Join Major League Soccer: A Possibility or Just a Rumor?

St. Louis City goalkeeper Roman Bürki has been vocal about his desire to see his former Borussia Dortmund teammate, Marco Reus, join Major League Soccer. He has actively been in touch with Reus, trying to convince him to make the move to the United States either this summer or in the upcoming year. Bürki has expressed his optimism about the potential transfer and believes that Major League Soccer presents a great opportunity for Reus.

There have been talks that St. Louis City, as a second-year expansion team in the MLS, is pursuing Borussia Dortmund attacker Marco Reus. With Reus’s contract expiring with the German side soon, discussions have been initiated, although they are still in the early stages. Sources have hinted that St. Louis City remains a contender in the race to sign Reus, but nothing concrete has been finalized yet.

St. Louis City head coach Bradley Carnell has referred to the potential reunion of Bürki and Reus as a “fairytale” but has also urged caution. He emphasized that during transfer windows, several names are thrown around, and it is crucial to evaluate if a particular signing makes sense for the team. While the idea of Reus joining St. Louis City is exciting, Carnell stressed the importance of separating rumors from reality until an official announcement is made.

Owner’s Reaction and Club’s Progress

St. Louis owner Carolyn Kindle acknowledged the buzz surrounding the club regarding the possible acquisition of Marco Reus. She admitted that it is challenging to distinguish between factual information and mere speculation in the world of soccer transfers. Kindle expressed her astonishment at how quickly the club has become linked with high-profile players like Reus, considering it is only their second year in existence. The excitement among the people of St. Louis is palpable as they await further developments.

Uncertain Future and Bürki’s Assurance

While the specific MLS team that Reus might join remains undisclosed, Roman Bürki remains confident that the German star will make his way to the United States soon. After experiencing defeat in the 2024 Champions League Final against Real Madrid, Reus could be looking for a fresh start in a new league. Bürki’s ongoing efforts to persuade Reus to join him in St. Louis reflect his optimism about the potential move.

The rumors surrounding Marco Reus’s possible move to Major League Soccer have generated significant interest and anticipation among fans and analysts alike. While the discussions are ongoing and nothing has been finalized, the prospect of Reus gracing the MLS with his talent is undoubtedly an exciting one. As the transfer window approaches, all eyes will be on whether St. Louis City can secure the coveted signature of one of Germany’s finest footballers.

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