Croatia Fined for Fans’ Misbehavior at Euro 2024 Match

Croatia was dealt a blow by UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, which imposed a hefty fine of €105,000 ($112,455) for incidents that occurred during the Euro 2024 match against Italy. The Croatian Football Association confirmed this fine, attributing it to the inappropriate behavior of some Croatian fans during the game in Leipzig. The fine was broken down into segments, with throwing objects amounting to 45,000 euros, lighting flares 30,000 euros, and general inappropriate behavior costing 30,000 euros.

The match between Croatia and Italy was marred by the actions of Croatian fans, who lit flares and threw objects onto the pitch. In response to this unruly behavior, Leipzig police were forced to take action. Several arrests were made, with known troublemakers within the Croatian fanbase being taken into custody until after the match. In a proactive move, police officers detained eight high-risk fans who had previously been denied entry to Germany by the Federal Police. These individuals were held in custody until after the match, with preventive measures in place to maintain public safety.

Unfortunately, the chaos extended beyond the stadium as around 20 Croatian fans were involved in physical altercations with Italian supporters post-game. This led to two Italian fans requiring hospitalization, resulting in a serious escalation of the situation. As a result, police apprehended 11 Croatian and Bosnian suspects, who are currently under investigation for causing grievous bodily harm.

The incidents at the Croatia vs. Italy match stood in stark contrast to the previous Euro games held in Leipzig. While other matches involving Portugal, Czechia, France, and Netherlands proceeded without major disturbances, the Croatia-Italy encounter was marred by fan misconduct. Looking back, UEFA had already fined Croatia for similar behavior during their game with Albania. Additionally, an ongoing investigation into alleged racist or discriminatory actions during the Croatia-Albania match further adds to the negative spotlight on the team and its supporters.

The events at the Euro 2024 match between Croatia and Italy serve as a harsh reminder of the consequences of fan misbehavior. Not only did the Croatian Football Association face a substantial fine, but individuals involved in violent acts are now facing legal repercussions. It is imperative for both authorities and fans to uphold standards of sportsmanship and respect to ensure the safety and integrity of football matches.


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