Critical Analysis of Julian Nagelsmann’s Luck as Germany Head Coach

Julian Nagelsmann, the current head coach of the German national team, has managed to lead his team to the quarterfinals of Euro 2024. However, his tactics and decisions have come under scrutiny. In a recent round-of-16 tie against Denmark, Germany won 2-0 with the help of a penalty and a VAR decision. While Nagelsmann praised his team for overcoming adversities, it was clear that luck played a significant role in their victory.

Nagelsmann’s decision to drop Florian Wirtz from the starting lineup in favor of Leroy Sané raised eyebrows. He justified this by pointing out Wirtz’s lack of sprinting and depth against Switzerland. However, the choice to exclude Füllkrug, a goal-scoring super-sub, from the starting XI was also questionable. This raised doubts about Nagelsmann’s ability to select the best team for crucial matches.

As Germany progresses to the quarterfinals, they face tough opponents like Spain or Georgia. Nagelsmann will need to make critical decisions regarding his lineup and tactics to ensure success. The match against Spain, in particular, will be a stern test of his coaching abilities. With Denmark exposing Germany’s midfield vulnerabilities, Nagelsmann must find a way to strengthen his team against formidable opponents.

The role of VAR in Germany’s victory over Denmark cannot be ignored. The decisions made by the VAR officials significantly impacted the outcome of the game. From ruling out a Denmark goal to awarding Germany a penalty, VAR played a crucial role in shaping the result. While technically correct, these decisions highlighted the controversy surrounding the use of technology in football.

Julian Nagelsmann’s luck as the Germany head coach has been a topic of discussion. While he has managed to guide his team to the quarterfinals, questions remain about his tactical acumen and team selection. As Germany faces tough opponents in the upcoming matches, Nagelsmann will need to rely on more than just luck to secure victory. The debates surrounding his decisions and the influence of VAR are likely to continue as the competition progresses.


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