Carlo Ancelotti defends Vinícius Júnior on the pitch

Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, came out in defense of Vinícius Júnior, stating that the forward has been treated worse on the pitch than any player he has coached in his career. Ancelotti passionately defended Vinícius after the Brazil forward received criticism from fans and faced harsh treatment during recent matches.

In a Champions League round-of-16 draw against RB Leipzig, Vinícius scored Madrid’s only goal but also stirred controversy after shoving Leipzig captain Willi Orbán. Despite the incident, Vinícius only received a yellow card, sparking debate about whether the punishment was appropriate. Furthermore, during a game against Valencia, Vinícius was racially abused by a group of fans, adding to the challenges he has faced on the pitch.

Ancelotti expressed his frustration at the treatment Vinícius has received, emphasizing that the young forward continues to deliver on the field despite facing adversity. The manager highlighted Vinícius’ goal-scoring record and assists, pointing out that his performance speaks for itself. Ancelotti urged a change in attitude towards Vinícius, emphasizing the need for support and recognition of his talent.

Ancelotti went on to compare Vinícius’ situation to that of other players he has coached, noting that the level of persecution the forward has endured is unprecedented. The manager cited specific incidents where Vinícius was targeted on the pitch, highlighting the need for fair treatment and respect towards the young talent. Ancelotti’s defense of Vinícius aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by the player and call for a shift in perspective.

Despite Vinícius’ contributions on the field, Real Madrid’s performance in recent matches has faced criticism. The team’s display in the second leg against Leipzig was particularly scrutinized, with Ancelotti acknowledging the need for improvement. The manager addressed concerns about the team’s strategy and called for a more focused and intense approach in future games.

Ancelotti also addressed disciplinary issues within the team, particularly regarding Jude Bellingham’s recent ban. Bellingham’s suspension after a contentious incident in a match against Valencia raised questions about fair play and player discipline. Ancelotti defended Bellingham’s actions and criticized the severity of the punishment, highlighting discrepancies in referee decisions and player conduct.

Carlo Ancelotti’s defense of Vinícius Júnior reflects a broader conversation about player treatment and performance in professional football. The manager’s passionate statements underscore the challenges faced by young talents in the sport and emphasize the importance of support and fair play. As Real Madrid continues its season, addressing these issues will be crucial in fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all players.


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