Barcelona President Reveals the Decision to Replace Xavi with Flick

Barcelona president Joan Laporta recently spoke on the decision to replace Xavi Hernández with German coach Hansi Flick. This move came after doubts surfaced regarding Xavi’s belief in the current squad. Laporta mentioned that Xavi had initially announced his intention to step down at the end of the season in January, only to change his decision in April before eventually being dismissed by Laporta three weeks later.

Reasoning behind the Decision

Speaking further on the matter, Laporta explained that he confronted Xavi regarding his faith in the team’s capabilities. While Xavi had initially expressed his belief in the squad, his discourse later changed after discussions with sporting director Deco regarding the squad’s need for adjustments. This shift in sentiment led Laporta to reconsider the situation, ultimately deciding that a new impetus was necessary to make the team more competitive and maximize its potential.

In contrast to Xavi’s doubts, Laporta highlighted that Flick displayed confidence in Barcelona’s current team. Flick believes that the squad, despite finishing second in LaLiga and exiting the Champions League at the quarterfinal stage in the previous season, has the potential for success. Laporta emphasized that Flick’s belief in the players’ capabilities played a crucial role in the decision to appoint him as the new head coach.

Focus on Fitness and Performance

Laporta also mentioned that one of Flick’s primary tasks would be to improve the players’ fitness levels. He acknowledged that under Xavi, the team faced challenges in maintaining physical endurance, particularly in the latter stages of matches. Laporta stressed the importance of physical preparedness in achieving success on the field and noted that Flick had accepted the challenge to enhance the team’s overall performance.

Looking ahead to the summer transfer window, Laporta stated that Barcelona’s financial constraints would not force them to sell their key players unless they express a desire to leave. Instead, the focus would be on reinforcing specific areas of the squad. The club aims to extend the loan deals of João Félix and João Cancelo while also considering potential additions in defensive midfield and other key positions. Laporta highlighted the importance of striking a balance between promoting talent from the academy and making strategic signings to enhance the team’s competitiveness.

Final Thoughts

Laporta’s decision to replace Xavi with Flick was driven by a combination of factors, including doubts about Xavi’s belief in the squad and Flick’s confidence in the team’s potential. The emphasis on improving physical fitness and performance under Flick’s leadership showcases Barcelona’s commitment to achieving success on the field. As the club navigates the challenges posed by the summer transfer window and seeks to strengthen the squad, Laporta remains optimistic about Barcelona’s ability to compete at the highest level with a blend of established stars and emerging talent.


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